About Us

Schleiss & Partner Architekten AG is your reliable service provider for architectural planning and implementation. We work with all structures and buildings. Our mission is to transform your ideas and requirements into architectural reality. We explore various different options to arrive at the best solution and ensure optimum results, taking into account all relevant aspects. This means we work closely with the developer on each project.

When it comes to our buildings, we always show you the full range of possibilities and consider all aspects, including aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, cost and environmental awareness, energy options and specific local conditions. By weighing up and prioritising these factors, we create a balanced and harmonious package, working closely with you to ensure that the finished building or structure meets all your architectural ideas and requirements.

Our company stands for efficient working methods, energy and cost awareness, precise and clean buildings, and a great deal of passion. We specialise in building conversions and renovations, as well as in the evaluation of new buildings. We are here for you every step of the way – from initial consultation, to planning, through to execution.

Our Team

We are a qualified, committed and motivated team. Thanks to effective collaboration, energy and team spirit, we have an efficient way of working that is reflected in our projects. We have the confidence to take on any project and are passionate about every single one, big or small.

Freddy Straubinger – Schleiss & Partner Architects AG – Steinhausen

Freddy Straubinger

Certified Architect ETH/SIA & Managing Director

Michael Renggli – Schleiss & Partner Architects AG – Steinhausen

Michael Renggli

Construction Manager & Project Manager

Minetta Alic - Schleiss & Partner Architekten AG - Steinhausen

Mihneta Alic

Draughtswoman EFZ with specialisation in architecture

Felix Zemp – Schleiss & Partner Architects AG – Steinhausen

Felix Zemp

Trainee draughtsman EFZ with specialisation in architecture



Freddy Straubinger – new partner
Managing directors Peter Langenegger + Freddy Straubinger

2015Peter Langenegger – new partner
2013 – todayLimited company Schleiss + Partner Architekten AG
2001 – 2012Limited company Schleiss + Zürcher Architekten AG
1988 – 2000Simple partnership Schleiss + Zürcher Architekten
1971 – 1987Sole proprietorship Karl Schleiss, Architect HTL


  • SIA – Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects
  • Bauforum Zug
  • REG B – Swiss register of professionals in engineering, architecture and the environment
  • ZLH – Zug instructors’ association for structural draughtsmen
  • MINERGIE – Specialist partner
  • Steinhausen trade association
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